My Way

I love to build things. Not fences, or dressers, or kitchen tables, but organizations and products. I love to develop and mentor people. I love to help people #AdvanceTheConcept, something I will touch on often as my mind and this blog evolves.

I’m obsessed with helping people achieve their dreams and reach their goals.

BlueShift Strategy was launched to help people bring their visions into focus, or, more powerfully captured, Your Vision, Focused. If you’re not familiar, “blueshift” is a technique used by astronomers to find distant planets. Essentially, wavelengths shrink and the vision of the planet comes into focus.

Your Vision, Focused.

For me, there is additional, deeper meaning to the name. I come from a blue collar family. They grind, persevere and put in the hard yards through physical labor to this day. My path was different. For me, I was fortunate, with their support, to shift, from Blue to White, and use my mind, rather than my hands, to build, as my natural gifts and talents required.

I’ve been at this for sometime, quietly helping those I know in the non-profit, startup and small business world get their ideas off the ground and now I’m ready to focus the vision of you, your family and your friends.

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