Night seems to be the time when I have time to clear my mind and send thoughts from my head to share with you.

A common theme of late for me has been consistency. As I transitioned back into teaching, I made a commitment to myself not to miss a day of work, and I didn't. I was there, every day, ready to roll with the feeling of the room, with the rousing variations of thoughtful, frustrated, energetic, lethargic, anxious, happy group of 5th graders. They needed me there and I wanted to be there for them. I was their teacher and I had to make every day count – academically, socially and emotionally.

I'm finding now how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to teach, leave (for 10 years), and come back. There are many differences between the worlds of business and education, but there are more similarities than most tend to realize. I will expand on these differences and similarities in stories and posts and poems to come.

A critical similarity is consistency. The foundation of reliability. Consistence of presence. Consistence of mind. Consistence of calm admits chaos. Consistence of attitude.

One definition of consistency, from Medieval Latin is "firmness of matter." Does your word matter? Do your words matter? Do your actions matter? Does your character matter?

Whether at the office, in the classroom, or on the field, relationships, responsibly, trust and success are driven by a consistency to perform; to achieve; to come through in the clutch; to keep your word.

I've had the good fortune of working with many consistent peers and leaders. The effectiveness and success were accelerated and amplified because of shared understanding of the task and because of an underlying platform of trust in how each person would think, speak and act.

Some days in the classroom are a punch in the face. You might be tired or sick. You might be stressed out or upset. But those kids are coming, like waves to the shore and you'd better have your boats ready.

You have to be ready, every day, consistent in mind and message. Consistent in character and communication. Consistent in actions and demeanor.

Be consistent in your actions. Be reliable. Be trustworthy. Do this for your students, your peers, your players, your customers, your family, your friends and yourself.

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