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I have a student with a very strong personality. He is strong willed. Another term is “spirited.” My son is a “spirited” child, which took my wife time and training to catch up with. I’ll come back to that in another post. This student of mine has had serious behavior issues in the past. He’s […]

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The boy on the floor

To say that I had a challenging and dynamic class of 5th graders when I arrived back into the world of education last year is an understatement. Their complexity was Hall of Fame worthy. One student in particular, Bishal*, was as unique as any personality as I’d experienced. He and his family were refugees from […]

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Inspired by

People inspire me. And puzzles. Opportunities and areas for improvement. Students with social inabilities. Students with little interest in learning from limits imposed by themselves or others. Students who face challenges and hardships, but despite the storm, show up everyday. I am inspired by students with a drive to absorb every last ounce of knowledge […]

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First Day Feelings

Today was my first “first day” of teaching in almost 10 years after returning to education. A few thoughts from today. 1. Flexible Seating Works I’d read about flexible seating over the summer and wanted to give it a try. I brought two chairs from home and free up shelf space for “standing desks.” With […]

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Back at it

The Kent School District’s 2017-2018 school year is about to begin. Today was the first of two professional days for teachers, ahead of Thursday, the first day of school at Meadow Ridge Elementary, where I teach 5th grade. Today was also “Meet the Teacher” night. 15 of my 25 students showed – with mothers, brothers, […]

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Night seems to be the time when I have time to clear my mind and send thoughts from my head to share with you. A common theme of late for me has been consistency. As I transitioned back into teaching, I made a commitment to myself not to miss a day of work, and I […]

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Hello BlueShift

I quietly launched BlueShift a few months ago. I launched BlueShift because I want to help people realize their potential and achieve the visions and goals that they see in their mind and feel in their heart. I launched BlueShift because I want to empower others to empower others. I want to share what I've […]

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My Way

I love to build things. Not fences, or dressers, or kitchen tables, but organizations and products. I love to develop and mentor people. I love to help people #AdvanceTheConcept, something I will touch on often as my mind and this blog evolves. I’m obsessed with helping people achieve their dreams and reach their goals. BlueShift […]

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Open For Business

After many months of behind the scenes development, BlueShift Strategy is taking on customers and projects. We’re here to help you determine and development practical, differentiated solutions to achieve maximum impact.

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